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What makes this company different?

This is a family owned company with years of experience in therapy and athletics that truly believes helping others is not a job, it's a passion.  This revolutionary technique has positively influenced our lives and the goal is to share this  technique to help others re-establish youthfulness from within and gain the confidence to tackle any task or experience desired without hesitation. 

Those that are seeking to better themselves emotionally, physically and mentally should feel confident that they have the support from others that have the best tools to assist them. Not having all the right answers or not knowing where to start can be very unsettling and could cause someone to feel lost or alone. Being a part of the fascial stretch family means that no one is alone and being able to provide the best resources within a strong network of individuals that have very different skills along with the passion to help others. 

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)?

Fascia is the most prevalent tissue in the body.  The health and function of all joints & muscles are a direct result of the condition of your fascia. Healthy circulation in your muscles, joints, arteries, veins, brain & spinal cord is largely dependent on optimal flexibility of your fascia.

Fascial Stretch Therapy provides an escape/release from various physical limitations, confined emotions and/ a heighten nervous system caused by imbalances that occur with everyday life. How each individual benefits from this service truly depends on what each person needs. Some results may have more of an impact then one would expect during this hands on experience.

Benefits of FST

After restoring our bodies’ natural movement, we begin to take on natural characteristics of water: calmness, increased energy, power and the ability to approach and adapt to all environments.

• Improved posture & functional ability to do what you couldn’t do before. 

• No pain allows you to finally enjoy a life of quality. 

• Restoration of normal joint space is anti-aging at its best – youthful movement without pain!

• Will make all the difference in sports performance. 

• Reduces injuries so you can get on with your goals in fitness, recreation & sports. Improves & increases options in sex when you have a flexible body. 

Effect of Untreated Fascia

• Decreased joint space can lead to degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis & more. 

• Increased muscle tone can lead to trigger points, strain, tendonitis, tears & more. 

• Increased nervous tissue tone can lead to headaches, trigger points, muscle tightness & more. 

• Increased scar tissue formation. 

• Decreased blood flow, decreased energy, increased fatigue & more.    

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Features of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

• Manipulates, lengthens, re-aligns and re-organizes your fascia. 


• Increases joint space. 

• Eliminates trigger points 

• Improves muscle activation & relaxation. 

• Improves flexibility on the first session & becomes cumulative with multiple sessions. 

• We teach you how to maintain optimal fascial flexibility after we identify & eliminate the problems.  

Athletes: Notable Organizations, Athletes & Celebrities Who Use FST


Donovon McNabb

Alshon Jeffery

Karlos Dansby

Dexter Flowler



Bruce Springsteen





Az Cardinals

Baylor Bear Football

Boston Redsox

Buffalo Bills

Fl Gators

IFBB Pro Bodybuilders 





Oregon State

Southern Conn University

Towson University


Don't take our word for it, hear it from others;

  “I can now focus more on my job instead of being distracted from the pain in my body.”

  “I can run faster & jump higher which makes a huge difference in my career."

“We get even more out of our workouts because of our improved range of motion & flexibility.”    

 “I literally feel 10 years younger…the quality of my life has exponentially increased!”  

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Complementary 60 minute consultation Includes: 

- Discussing your concerns and goals

- Personal mobility assessment

- 20 mins hands on experience 

- Discussing what program is the most appropriate for you.


Referral program - Refer a family member or friend that invests in a session, receive 10% discount off your next session.  If you referred 5 people and all 5 invest in a session, you receive a FREE session.

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Scientific Research has been done and completed to support Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) for Chronic low back pain.

Stay tuned for the full results.

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Q:  Do athletes benefit the most from this service?

A:  No, people of all ages can benefit from FST.  It has been used w/ newborns who had birth complications to people in their 90's.

Q:  Am I going to be sore after the session or the next day?

A:  Soreness after your first session may be present, but minor and not activity limiting.  The soreness is temporary, but the results are long lasting.

Q:  My teen is experiencing "growing pains", could fascial stretch therapy help?

A:  Fascial stretch therapy can help the teen's body adjust better to the additional growth by increasing their flexibility, improving circulation and the joint space with a distraction technique.  FST could help decrease the stress placed on the joints and the chance for possible injury.  


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